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Life is uncertain

Life will be always complicated.
You will have ups and downs.
Somedays you will be dancing in joy.
Somedays you will cry.
There are happy moments that makes you smile and laugh.
Sometimes you will be in good health and sometimes you go through sickness.
There are failures.
There are success.
You meet good people.
You learn lessons from wrong people. This uncertainty makes you stressful. But keep faith and keep going. Life isn’t always going to be perfect but you will get what you wanted one day. Amazing things will happen in your life as you move forward. You will get stronger and you will learn to overcome the struggles. You will come to know you have more potential and you are way more capable.
In life there is no right time or a wrong time for doing things.
Be happy now.
Embrace yourself.
The choice is with you to make your present better. Do more of what makes you happy.

Struggles in Life

Have you ever wondered you have so many struggles in your life? You are stuck in a job? You want something but don’t get it? You are always unhappy about something?

Well.. I have questioned myself several times.

Life will never be full of happiness. Everyone has struggles in their life. They are struggling one way or the other. But it all depends on how you face those struggles and how you turn those struggles into something which gives you hope or improves your life.

You may think that the other person always has a smile and that their life is perfect but trust me when they are alone, they are not the same. Its just that some people are good at hiding their problems and show only their positive side. You will desire for one thing today and another tomorrow. Life is like climbing stairs, you have to take each step to reach to the top.

Life has happiness, sadness, joy and pain. That’s the beauty of Life! Its up to you to choose what you do with your struggles. You can learn to accept those pain. You can try to do something each day that will improve your life. It can be painful and difficult but don’t let it stop you.

Today might not be your day and life is never going to be perfect. Be strong, because you have the power to make your tomorrow better!