Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

About the product:

Fragrance free, Paraben free, phthalate free

Pediatrician recommended

Protects the skin from dryness with its Natural Oatmeal formula

Its non-greasy

Protects the baby skin and keeps it moisturized for 24 hours.

My Review:

This lotion does not have any fragrance and it’s a good thing for baby’s skin as well as for baby’s sensitive nose. The lotion feels smooth and silky. Its not greasy at all and it has a soft feel. You just need to apply a very little amount of this lotion to remove dryness. It does keeps skin moisturized for 24 hours. Does not clog pores so no breakouts or bumps on baby’s skin. It is costly if compared with some of the other baby lotions but this lotion lasts for long so cost won’t be a problem. Overall, a very good lotion for babies especially because its cruelty free and it’s recommended by Pediatricians.

Simple hydrating light moisturiser review

I am using simple light hydrating moisturiser for more than a year now. I have oily skin type and used to get breakouts. I tried to switch between creams but all those made my skin look very oily or showed white patches . Whatever I try gave me at least few bonus pimples! Oily skin type can relate to me.. I stopped using any moisturizer or creams on my face for few days but its not good to leave skin without hydration as it leads to more oil production.

About the product:

  • Simple moisturiser has a squeezable bottle so its easy to use without wasting much product. Its travel friendly.
  • Its designed for sensitive skin and claims to provide 12H moisturisation.
  • Non-comedogenic and light on skin.
  • No artificial perfume or colour, no harsh chemicals , no alcohol, non-animal-derived.
  • Cost 385Rs

My experience:

It does provide 12H moisturisation.

It says light on skin but my face looked greasy initially and it would be alright after a while. It maybe because of my skin being oily type. I feel this moisturiser will be more suitable for normal to combination skin and also for some of the dry skin people.

It does not have any perfume so no smell. Good for people like me with sensitive nose!

You will need only a little amount, so one bottle lasts for me for months.

Overall it is a good moisturiser. For me even though it makes me bit greasy( I do bit of adjustments), I still use it as it does not cause my skin to breakout.