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A story about a family

Watch the video version here: https://youtu.be/sw7olEtkFMo

There was a man named Josh. He was a rich man who owned a big company. He had a wife and two children.

He was so busy establishing his company and rarely spent time with his family. He had no idea what his wife likes or what his children are doing. His only aim was to earn a lot of money. Whole day he used to work, travel and night he used to return to his home. By the time he reaches home, it will be so late that his wife and children will be sleeping.

His wife used to do housework whole day and takes care of the children. But he never helped her. He used to think all she does is sit in the house and he is the one who earns and feeds them. One day his wife decided to talk to him and to tell him that it’s difficult for her to be alone. She called him and asked him to come home early for a day.

He went home and asked his wife “Why did you call me? You know that I am so busy. All you do is sit at home.”.  She replied “Yes, I sit at home but I don’t sit and sleep whole day. I do all the work in the house. I wake up morning clean the house, cook food, do the laundry, I feed the children, take them to school and look after them.” Josh replied “so what? What’s so difficult about that? I work whole day outside.” She said “yes you work outside, you earn money, you spend it for yourself and I am not asking for it. All I need is you spend some time with me and your children. I am married to you but I feel alone and I don’t get any love, care or appreciation from you.” Josh ignored her. He told her that he is tired and she is creating unnecessary problems.

Days went by, one day when he came home early, he saw that things were lying on the floor, cloths unwashed, the kitchen was not clean, sink was full of dishes, bedroom was not tidy. Books lying all over the table. He stood in the hall and started shouting “Why have you not cleaned the house? Where are you? ” There was no reply. He looked for his wife and she was not inside the house. His Children were not there either. He called to her phone and there was no reply. After few hours he got a call from the hospital that his wife is admitted. He went to the hospital and he found his wife in a serious condition. He asked the doctor, “what happened to my wife?”. Doctor said “Your wife is suffering from chronic kidney disease. She is undergoing treatment for it for months now. Her condition is getting worse.” Josh was shocked.

Doctor asked “You are her husband, right? How come you did not know about her condition?  You did not notice that she is growing weak and suffering? ” Josh was unable to reply to the doctor. He sat near to his wife who was lying on the hospital bed. He looked at her with tears in his eyes. He looked at his children and he saw them taking care of their mother.

He started feeling guilty about how being a husband he did not take time to care for his wife. He sat there crying thinking how his wife managed to do all the work at house alone. How lonely she might have felt without having anyone to tell her problems. How depressed she might have been without having her husband to look after her. As these thoughts ran in his mind… he started crying out loud holding his wife hands. His wife woke up hearing him cry and said to him “Don’t cry, at least you are here now.”

That day Josh decided he is never going to take his family for granted. He realized that he was setting his priorities wrong the whole time. Josh started spending time with his wife and children. He still goes to work and also looks after his family. He helps his wife with the chores, takes her to hospital and always makes sure that she is happy. After few years, his wife completely recovered. They are now a happy family.

How to be happy alone

Sometimes you need to have some alone time to know yourself. It’s not always about being lonely or sad. You may be trying to be happy alone because you like to be that way or you are trying to be happy alone due to situations in your life which makes you to stay away from people.

Being happy alone can be challenging for some people. These tips can help you:

For video watch here: https://youtu.be/GY-I3nq5uHM

Love yourself: The first step is to start loving you. Stop comparing yourself with others. You may feel that others are living way better life than you but what you see always may not be true. This will help you to value and feel good about yourself.

Know Yourself: Ask yourself about what you want to do in your life, what you can do to improve your life. This will help you to get to know how you want your future to be.

Leave your comfort zone: Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Try to do something new each day. You can make your own decisions and do something new that makes you happy. You might get uncomfortable at first, just smile. This will help you to find something new that you never knew you would enjoy. You will be able to get new experiences and opportunities.

Stay away from social media and phone: If scrolling through your phone/ social media makes you feel sad and lonely in anyway, then you will need to keep your phone away for a while. This will help you to find something else to do. You can eventually do something that makes you feel better when you are alone.

Exercise: Include exercise in your routine to stay healthy and active. This will help you to reduce stress and improves your sleep. In turn your mood improves and you are happier.

Change your routine: When you follow the same routine daily, you might feel bored and your interest to do things will reduce. Get to know what is not working for you anymore and replace it with something new. This will help you to learn new things and also to make your day interesting.

Learn to be grateful: Be thankful for everything you have in your  life. It will help you to enhance your mood.

Do things that you enjoy: It can be reading, listening to music, blogging, photography etc. This will help you to enjoy while keeping you busy.