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Voice of hope

A thousand questions passes the mind.
It could have been easy then why this struggle?
Questioning whether you can hold on..
Tears rolling and the sharp pain within..
When will this Bad phase go away?
Then you hear a voice that says… Today’s struggle can be tomorrow’s happiness. Today’s tears can be tomorrow’s joy.
Today’s difficulties can be tomorrow’s learning.
Have patience and you will see things change!

Life is uncertain

Life will be always complicated.
You will have ups and downs.
Somedays you will be dancing in joy.
Somedays you will cry.
There are happy moments that makes you smile and laugh.
Sometimes you will be in good health and sometimes you go through sickness.
There are failures.
There are success.
You meet good people.
You learn lessons from wrong people. This uncertainty makes you stressful. But keep faith and keep going. Life isn’t always going to be perfect but you will get what you wanted one day. Amazing things will happen in your life as you move forward. You will get stronger and you will learn to overcome the struggles. You will come to know you have more potential and you are way more capable.
In life there is no right time or a wrong time for doing things.
Be happy now.
Embrace yourself.
The choice is with you to make your present better. Do more of what makes you happy.

Believe in yourself

Mary was thinking about John. John was a popular doctor with a built body. Mary walked over to the window and saw her crowded surroundings. She had always loved her home in India with its beautiful park and it was perfect for her.  

Then she saw someone in the distance. She gulped and looked at the handsome doctor. He was enjoying his walk in the park.

Mary was a beautiful cancer survivor. Even though she lost all her weight and hair, she was a brave woman who fought the disease and overcome it. When she was undergoing treatment in the hospital, it was John who treated her. He gave her the confidence that she can do anything with her will power.

Mary walked to the park and she met her doctor John. Mary said “Hi Doctor, How are you? Do you remember me?” John turned towards her and looked at her in surprise “Wow, Mary. You look beautiful. Of course I remember you! I am good. How are you?” Mary was so happy. She could not suppress her smile. Mary looked back, even more healthy “I have completely recovered Doctor, thanks to you. I have found a new job.”

John remembered how she suffered in the past years and he was happy that she trusted him and trusted herself. He said “That’s awesome Mary. See I told you, you can overcome anything if you trust yourself.” They looked at each other with delighted feelings.

You may be going through your worst days now. Believe in yourself and you will overcome it.