A story about a family

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There was a man named Josh. He was a rich man who owned a big company. He had a wife and two children.

He was so busy establishing his company and rarely spent time with his family. He had no idea what his wife likes or what his children are doing. His only aim was to earn a lot of money. Whole day he used to work, travel and night he used to return to his home. By the time he reaches home, it will be so late that his wife and children will be sleeping.

His wife used to do housework whole day and takes care of the children. But he never helped her. He used to think all she does is sit in the house and he is the one who earns and feeds them. One day his wife decided to talk to him and to tell him that it’s difficult for her to be alone. She called him and asked him to come home early for a day.

He went home and asked his wife “Why did you call me? You know that I am so busy. All you do is sit at home.”.  She replied “Yes, I sit at home but I don’t sit and sleep whole day. I do all the work in the house. I wake up morning clean the house, cook food, do the laundry, I feed the children, take them to school and look after them.” Josh replied “so what? What’s so difficult about that? I work whole day outside.” She said “yes you work outside, you earn money, you spend it for yourself and I am not asking for it. All I need is you spend some time with me and your children. I am married to you but I feel alone and I don’t get any love, care or appreciation from you.” Josh ignored her. He told her that he is tired and she is creating unnecessary problems.

Days went by, one day when he came home early, he saw that things were lying on the floor, cloths unwashed, the kitchen was not clean, sink was full of dishes, bedroom was not tidy. Books lying all over the table. He stood in the hall and started shouting “Why have you not cleaned the house? Where are you? ” There was no reply. He looked for his wife and she was not inside the house. His Children were not there either. He called to her phone and there was no reply. After few hours he got a call from the hospital that his wife is admitted. He went to the hospital and he found his wife in a serious condition. He asked the doctor, “what happened to my wife?”. Doctor said “Your wife is suffering from chronic kidney disease. She is undergoing treatment for it for months now. Her condition is getting worse.” Josh was shocked.

Doctor asked “You are her husband, right? How come you did not know about her condition?  You did not notice that she is growing weak and suffering? ” Josh was unable to reply to the doctor. He sat near to his wife who was lying on the hospital bed. He looked at her with tears in his eyes. He looked at his children and he saw them taking care of their mother.

He started feeling guilty about how being a husband he did not take time to care for his wife. He sat there crying thinking how his wife managed to do all the work at house alone. How lonely she might have felt without having anyone to tell her problems. How depressed she might have been without having her husband to look after her. As these thoughts ran in his mind… he started crying out loud holding his wife hands. His wife woke up hearing him cry and said to him “Don’t cry, at least you are here now.”

That day Josh decided he is never going to take his family for granted. He realized that he was setting his priorities wrong the whole time. Josh started spending time with his wife and children. He still goes to work and also looks after his family. He helps his wife with the chores, takes her to hospital and always makes sure that she is happy. After few years, his wife completely recovered. They are now a happy family.

How to forget someone

We all have someone whom we wish we could take out from our mind and heart. It can be anyone who hurt you in the past. Forgetting can be difficult and stressful.

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Here are somethings you can do.


Accept that the other person is no longer in your life. Yes, it can be difficult to accept the bitter truth but if you do not do that then you will be waiting for someone who may never come back. In turn you may end up hurting yourself again.

Think About the Bad memories:

Make a list of things that were bad for you in that relationship. Now those things can no longer affect you.

Forgive and Forget:

Forgiving the other person helps you to move on. Mainly, forgive yourself for any shortcomings that has caused you to separate from the person. Maybe you tried your best but another person decided to leave.  Let go of the person and accept what happened. But don’t forget what you learned so that nobody hurts you again.

Be alone:

You need some alone time to get to know your feelings and to figure out.

Write a diary:

Write about it, take out all your feelings to help you reduce the emotional stress.

Look after yourself:

Do some exercise and eat something that you enjoy. Write down the things you want to do, go out, pamper yourself and stay active.

Give yourself time to heal:

Forgetting someone does not happen overnight. Take it slow and don’t be harsh on yourself. As the time goes your pain will also go. Talk to someone who will listen to you if you find it difficult to move on. Express out your feelings and don’t keep it all within you.

How to be happy alone

Sometimes you need to have some alone time to know yourself. It’s not always about being lonely or sad. You may be trying to be happy alone because you like to be that way or you are trying to be happy alone due to situations in your life which makes you to stay away from people.

Being happy alone can be challenging for some people. These tips can help you:

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Love yourself: The first step is to start loving you. Stop comparing yourself with others. You may feel that others are living way better life than you but what you see always may not be true. This will help you to value and feel good about yourself.

Know Yourself: Ask yourself about what you want to do in your life, what you can do to improve your life. This will help you to get to know how you want your future to be.

Leave your comfort zone: Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Try to do something new each day. You can make your own decisions and do something new that makes you happy. You might get uncomfortable at first, just smile. This will help you to find something new that you never knew you would enjoy. You will be able to get new experiences and opportunities.

Stay away from social media and phone: If scrolling through your phone/ social media makes you feel sad and lonely in anyway, then you will need to keep your phone away for a while. This will help you to find something else to do. You can eventually do something that makes you feel better when you are alone.

Exercise: Include exercise in your routine to stay healthy and active. This will help you to reduce stress and improves your sleep. In turn your mood improves and you are happier.

Change your routine: When you follow the same routine daily, you might feel bored and your interest to do things will reduce. Get to know what is not working for you anymore and replace it with something new. This will help you to learn new things and also to make your day interesting.

Learn to be grateful: Be thankful for everything you have in your  life. It will help you to enhance your mood.

Do things that you enjoy: It can be reading, listening to music, blogging, photography etc. This will help you to enjoy while keeping you busy.

A Good Teacher

There was a Boy named Ted. He was always shabbily dressed. None of the students liked him. Most of the days he used to get scolded by his class teacher due to his low marks. Every parents-teacher meeting, he would be alone and the class teacher would scold him for not bringing his parents. But he never said anything to his teacher.

One day Ted did not come to school. His class teacher tried to call his parents but nobody answered the call. It’s been few days since he had attended school and the teacher got worried. His teacher decided to visit Ted’s home. He travelled at least 10 Km and he reached a village. He asked directions from people there and came to a small house.

He saw Ted there with his Mother. Ted was surprised to see his teacher. He invited him inside and offered him water. Teacher saw that Ted’s mother was ill and that he was the only one who was taking care of his Mother. His father had passed away when he was a baby and his Mother used to work as a maid to earn for them. But since his Mother was ill , Ted had to sew dolls to get money at least for food and then he would cycle daily 10 km to school as there was no school in that village.

The teacher asked Ted “Why did you not share your situation when I was scolding you?”. Ted replied “I thought you hated me just like how the students hate me for looking dirty and getting low grades”. The teacher answered “Ted, I scolded you not because of how you looked. You are my student and it does not matter if you are rich or poor. I scolded you so that you can improve. I know you have the potential to do better. I wanted you to show other students that you are equally capable.” Ted cried and hugged his teacher. Teacher asked him to resume school after few days leave.

Ted went to school after a week. He was looking entirely different now. He was still wearing his dirty clothes but he was happy now. He stopped looking at other students instead he concentrated in his studies. He passed the class exam with highest marks. It was not his situation that stopped him from moving forward. Only thing this boy needed was a good Teacher.

You can watch the video version here https://youtu.be/UYfRNNZUC2s

Saying No

How many of you think saying No is rude? We all hesitate to say No only because we are afraid of what others might think of us.

You are invited to a marriage and you instantly say Yes. But in your mind you remember that you already have another appointment or already busy that day. But still you cant go back and say No. You wait till the day before the marriage date and say… “ hey how’s your marriage preparation going on? You know what.. I suddenly caught fever. I might not be able to travel tomorrow. But still I will try.” So here you have again delayed the process of saying No and added a lie to it as well. But you did it to not hurt the other person’s feeling.

Next day you message them instead of calling “ Hey.. sorry could not attend your marriage. I am still not well. Will visit you when I get time. Congrats Buddy!” Here you lied again and you still are unable to say No.

We are in a constant fear of rejecting someone, their opinions, their invites, their beliefs. We think if we say No they will get angry, walk away, they might do the same to us, their feelings get hurt.

But saying Yes is just a process of delaying when you will eventually say No.

Some of you may have come across situations in your life where you are asked to do something you don’t like. You hate it but to keep them happy you say Yes. Everything goes sweet and happy but there comes one day when you are no longer able to say Yes. You express your disagreement and you see they turn against you. They just want you to say Yes, no matter what happens to you. It does not matter to them that you are happy or not. Maybe this situation might have been avoided if you had said No at the start. Maybe they might not get this angry at you.

Politely say No by saying “Thank you but sorry I am already booked”, “I respect your opinion but I don’t think it will work for me”, “Thank you but I will pass this one”.

So here are some of the advantages of saying No

  • You respect yourself.
  • You become brave.
  • You stand up for yourself.
  • You take control of your life.
  • You get rid of unwanted worry.
  • You don’t give false hope to someone.
  • You come to know another person’s true behavior.
  • You save your time.
  • You start enjoying what you like.
  • You stay away from people who really don’t like you.
  • You no longer take unwanted stress.
  • You make your own decisions.

You don’t have to accept things you are not okay with.

Believe in yourself

Mary was thinking about John. John was a popular doctor with a built body. Mary walked over to the window and saw her crowded surroundings. She had always loved her home in India with its beautiful park and it was perfect for her.  

Then she saw someone in the distance. She gulped and looked at the handsome doctor. He was enjoying his walk in the park.

Mary was a beautiful cancer survivor. Even though she lost all her weight and hair, she was a brave woman who fought the disease and overcome it. When she was undergoing treatment in the hospital, it was John who treated her. He gave her the confidence that she can do anything with her will power.

Mary walked to the park and she met her doctor John. Mary said “Hi Doctor, How are you? Do you remember me?” John turned towards her and looked at her in surprise “Wow, Mary. You look beautiful. Of course I remember you! I am good. How are you?” Mary was so happy. She could not suppress her smile. Mary looked back, even more healthy “I have completely recovered Doctor, thanks to you. I have found a new job.”

John remembered how she suffered in the past years and he was happy that she trusted him and trusted herself. He said “That’s awesome Mary. See I told you, you can overcome anything if you trust yourself.” They looked at each other with delighted feelings.

You may be going through your worst days now. Believe in yourself and you will overcome it.

A hand of help

This story is about a girl named April. Her father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. They lived in a nice house which had a beautiful garden. Every evening she used to play with her friends.

One day while playing she saw a beggar. He looked like he did not eat for days. April asked her friends if they had any money but they refused to help.

April went home and counted her pocket money. She had a small amount of money. She told her father about the beggar but he was busy with work and forgot about it.

Next day she gave her pocket money to the beggar. He thanked her for the kindness. She decided to keep some food aside each day and pack it for the beggar. Everyday she gave the little food to the him. One day the beggar was not seen in the playground. April looked for him for few days but he was not there. Days passed by and she stopped looking.

Years passed by and her father got ill. She had to search for a job to support her family. She was a college student and nobody was willing to hire her without experience. She started looking for jobs in shops. As she was searching, she came across a coffee shop. She can feel the warmth as she entered the shop.

She asked the owner if there was any work she could do even for a little pay. The shop owner offered her a coffee, smiled at her and said ‘yes you can work her. I recognized you are the girl who gave me food and money when I did not have anything’.

The owner paid her well and she was able to get the best treatment for her father. Her father was able to manage his business again.

Helping someone is a blessing.

You can watch the video version here- https://youtu.be/Keqs8pzBTkw

My thoughts on Freedom



is an ability to do what you want without disrespecting anyone.

is to be able to express freely without hurting others.

is the right to make your own choice. You follow the culture, religion, career, interests you like.

is to be free from slavery. Where no human is owned by any other human.

is the right to justice. You are given a fair and transparent system without any discrimination.

is to live without any violence.

is to be not judged by others.

is to be treated equally and given equal opportunities.

Teamwork VS Individual work

This topic does not have a fixed answer. Some people love doing teamwork whereas others prefer working alone.

There are advantages for both Teamwork and Individual work.


  • Everyone works together and share their thoughts on the work.
  • You have different types of people with different knowledge so you can select the best opinion.
  • You can complete your work fast and meet the deadline.
  • You can easily get answers for your questions.
  • You can interact while working.

Individual work

  • You can take credit for all the work.
  • You have space for self-improvement.
  • You take the full responsibility.
  • You put all your efforts to complete the work.
  • You don’t have to wait for anyone and can work on the task when you want.

There are equal disadvantages for both.


  • You must wait for everyone to gather.
  • Sometimes you will have to reject someone’s opinion and can cause conflict.
  • You can’t take credit for all work.
  • You cannot complete the task based on your knowledge alone.

Individual work

  • You have to self-motivate yourself.
  • You may get bored working alone.
  • You will have to take blame for any mistakes.
  • You don’t have any interactions.

The list of differences can go on…There are different types of people and what they select is their choice. They know what works for them the best.

Which one do you prefer?


Individual work

Father’s Love

This little story is about a Father( Rishab) who works hard to earn for his family. He sacrifices his needs to feed his family and keeps his family happy even though he’s tired and struggling.

This is my first short story which I have tried to make in a comic style. Well.. you might find some mistakes in it. This is a very basic story but it made me realize how much effort it takes to write and edit. I should really appreciate people who write stories, novels, scripts as they spend long hours, days, months and even years to make it interesting to us. I remember when I used to read comic books and novels. It was really fun! I should start reading again.