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Lost your smile

Do you think that you have lost your smile?

Someone recently told me that they don’t smile anymore like they did before. What makes you lose your smile?

There can be multiple reasons.

  1. You are bored with your life. It can be because you are bored with your job or your family or having the same routine daily and you are lazy to take up new responsibilities.

2. You feel exhausted whole day and forget to appreciate those around you.

3. You have changed yourself. You used to love what you have and somehow you have stopped loving it now.

4. You don’t value yourself. You don’t spend time to take care of yourself. You don’t know what to do with your life.

Don’t worry! you can still get back your smile. Happiness is within you and you just need a reason to express it out.

  1. Start loving what you have. Stop thinking that if you had something better, it would have been good. Learn to be content with what you have. If you have a shelter, food, clothes and a family then you have everything. You can always love what you have and try to improve.

2. Find a hobby. You will be busy with your job but still you can spend time on something that you like. It refreshes your mind.

3. Learn to give. Giving makes you happy. Give to others without expecting anything. You can do this within your family or outside.

4. Look after yourself. Take sometime to appreciate yourself for what you did. Exercise daily to keep your body fit.

5. Keep yourself busy. Don’t give time to yourself to overthink. Keep yourself busy by helping or caring for your family. Keep busy in your hobby or self care.

The reason behind your smile can be very simple. Every small thing in your life matters. You can take an example of a baby who smiles for anything and everything. That innocent smile.. where does it come from? Its simple! they are happy to see you and feel you. That innocent pure smile makes us so happy.

Smile cause you are alive. Just love yourself and you will start loving whatever you have. Once you start loving, you will find happiness and when you are happy, you will start smiling again!

Struggles in Life

Have you ever wondered you have so many struggles in your life? You are stuck in a job? You want something but don’t get it? You are always unhappy about something?

Well.. I have questioned myself several times.

Life will never be full of happiness. Everyone has struggles in their life. They are struggling one way or the other. But it all depends on how you face those struggles and how you turn those struggles into something which gives you hope or improves your life.

You may think that the other person always has a smile and that their life is perfect but trust me when they are alone, they are not the same. Its just that some people are good at hiding their problems and show only their positive side. You will desire for one thing today and another tomorrow. Life is like climbing stairs, you have to take each step to reach to the top.

Life has happiness, sadness, joy and pain. That’s the beauty of Life! Its up to you to choose what you do with your struggles. You can learn to accept those pain. You can try to do something each day that will improve your life. It can be painful and difficult but don’t let it stop you.

Today might not be your day and life is never going to be perfect. Be strong, because you have the power to make your tomorrow better!

Aveeno soothing and calming moisturizing lotion review

Aveeno has different types of moisturizer- Soothing & Calming Moisturizer, Daily Moisturizing Lotion for dry skin, Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive skin.

I have tried Soothing & Calming Moisturizer and Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion. Both are almost the same except for the perfume.

About the product:

  • Aveeno soothing & calming moisturizing lotion comes in a white plastic container with a press pump dispenser.
  • It is designed to calm your skin with relaxing scents-lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang
  • Gives healthier-looking skin with 24-hour moisturization
  • Its for normal to dry skin
  • Non comedogenic
  • No added dye alcohol free
  • Non Greasy formula
  • Prebiotic oats formula

My experience:

I am using Aveeno for the past few years. Started using it after going through multiple reviews for soothing moisturizers. It is a bit expensive but lasts for long so its worth it.

Aveeno Soothing & Calming Moisturizer has a thick creamy consistency. It has a soothing scent when you apply it and fades away after 3-4 hours. Maybe some of you will not like the scent. Provides good moisturization and you can see a glow in your skin.

This moisturizer has oats formula which is good for skin and recommended by dermatologists. It did not give me any breakouts but I get a sticky feeling on my hands mostly due to my skin being oily type. I don’t blame the moisturizer for the sticky feeling as its mentioned to be for normal to dry.

I still use Aveeno just that I apply a very small amount and it keeps my skin moisturized plus no breakouts. Its a good moisturizer if you are looking for a lotion that has natural ingredients and if you have sensitive skin.

She is ‘wonderful’

She is a daughter, woman, wife and a mother.

She is a daughter. She gets married and leaves behind her home. Away from her parents she goes to a strangers house.

She is a wife. She is working and also a homemaker to support her family. Within few years or months.. she is pregnant. Her life changes completely. She accepts the pain and stress that comes with it. She goes through sleepless nights and emotional days. Baby arrives, she is so happy and filled with love.

She is a mother. Taking care of her baby, she undergoes sleepless nights and days. Even when she is sick and has a painful body, she ignores her needs and looks after her baby and family. She struggles between her work and family. She sacrifices her needs for her family.

She is a woman. All through her life she goes through changes- menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. The hormones that comes along with this changes her behaviour. This affects her emotional state but yet she keeps trying to be stronger and independent.

All she needs is love and support.

Respect her, help her, appreciate her, surprise her, care for her , make her feel special, listen to her needs and be there for her.. cause she is a blessing!

Simple hydrating light moisturiser review

I am using simple light hydrating moisturiser for more than a year now. I have oily skin type and used to get breakouts. I tried to switch between creams but all those made my skin look very oily or showed white patches . Whatever I try gave me at least few bonus pimples! Oily skin type can relate to me.. I stopped using any moisturizer or creams on my face for few days but its not good to leave skin without hydration as it leads to more oil production.

About the product:

  • Simple moisturiser has a squeezable bottle so its easy to use without wasting much product. Its travel friendly.
  • Its designed for sensitive skin and claims to provide 12H moisturisation.
  • Non-comedogenic and light on skin.
  • No artificial perfume or colour, no harsh chemicals , no alcohol, non-animal-derived.
  • Cost 385Rs

My experience:

It does provide 12H moisturisation.

It says light on skin but my face looked greasy initially and it would be alright after a while. It maybe because of my skin being oily type. I feel this moisturiser will be more suitable for normal to combination skin and also for some of the dry skin people.

It does not have any perfume so no smell. Good for people like me with sensitive nose!

You will need only a little amount, so one bottle lasts for me for months.

Overall it is a good moisturiser. For me even though it makes me bit greasy( I do bit of adjustments), I still use it as it does not cause my skin to breakout.

Papaya in Pregnancy

Unripe papaya is not good to consume during pregnancy as it contains papain and latex. Latex in papaya can cause uterine contractions which can lead to miscarriage or early labor.

However, Ripe papaya is rich in iron and is considered safe but still consult your doctor before you plan to include it in your diet.

I personally avoided papaya all together in my pregnancy to be on safer side.