Welcome to Mom and Baby!


I’m Acsah, welcome to my Blog.

I am a full time working mom. We are blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey, even though there is pain and all the stress hormones that comes along with it. Once your bundle of joy arrives.. you are filled with love. Responsibility increases and it can be stressful with ups and downs. But yet again, Motherhood and parenting is full of happy moments which makes you forget all the stress.

I am a person who would refer to multiple opinions, till I am completely happy with it. Be it about pregnancy, parenting, products, beauty and so on… I thought why not I start a blog and share my experiences and knowledge with my readers. I am no writer but I have started enjoying it. Specially it feels good to express your thoughts in words. So here I am… Follow along!

Once again, happy to have you read my page. Hope you find it interesting or at least useful!