Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft

About the product

Promotes the development of vital biologically protective acid mantle
Protection against noxious influences
pH 5.5, ideal for healthy skin
Supports the natural protective barrier function against dryness and irritation
Panthenol promotes regeneration

My review

I tried Sebamed cream on my baby when she had red bumps on her skin. This cream has a thick consistency and more oily.. mostly cause its a cream and not a lotion. When I tried to rub the cream in my hands first it had a very hard feel.. after applying on baby skin it makes the skin shiny.. cause of the oil. But I did not like this cream because its hard and thick. It has a very medicated smell ..did not like that at all. This cream did not cause any breakouts but I don’t like the feel of this cream. I tried it on my skin ( which I should have tried before applying to my baby) and I felt it to be too oily type. Sebamed products are good as it balances the pH level but this cream did not work for my baby.

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