What it feels like to be a Parent

You know the love of a parent once you become a parent. You realize there are lot of things that needs to be changed. Before your child is born, you make plans on what to buy and what changes to be done in your life, which will make your child’s life easier and comfortable. All are decided to suit the child’s comfort and needs. For example.. If you did not own a car.. you feel now its the right time to buy a car. It does not matter that you have to work harder, sacrifice your desires and save more.

As you see your child , you are willing to work harder. You only think about giving the best to your child. You want to give what you did not have to your child. Responsibilities increase but you still want to do everything that will make your child smile.

You no longer think about yourself. Its more about your child. Its like.. when you open online shopping app you look at baby or kids clothing first.

When you feel like giving up.. you see your child smile and you get a reason to hold on. You come back tired from your work and when you see your child, you forget your exhaustion. You run and hug your child. You always want to show your love. You are now promoted from a couple to a Mom and a Dad.

I have created a short fun meme on husband wife and baby – you can watch it here https://youtu.be/dtYv8bMHkuc

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