A Good Teacher

There was a Boy named Ted. He was always shabbily dressed. None of the students liked him. Most of the days he used to get scolded by his class teacher due to his low marks. Every parents-teacher meeting, he would be alone and the class teacher would scold him for not bringing his parents. But he never said anything to his teacher.

One day Ted did not come to school. His class teacher tried to call his parents but nobody answered the call. It’s been few days since he had attended school and the teacher got worried. His teacher decided to visit Ted’s home. He travelled at least 10 Km and he reached a village. He asked directions from people there and came to a small house.

He saw Ted there with his Mother. Ted was surprised to see his teacher. He invited him inside and offered him water. Teacher saw that Ted’s mother was ill and that he was the only one who was taking care of his Mother. His father had passed away when he was a baby and his Mother used to work as a maid to earn for them. But since his Mother was ill , Ted had to sew dolls to get money at least for food and then he would cycle daily 10 km to school as there was no school in that village.

The teacher asked Ted “Why did you not share your situation when I was scolding you?”. Ted replied “I thought you hated me just like how the students hate me for looking dirty and getting low grades”. The teacher answered “Ted, I scolded you not because of how you looked. You are my student and it does not matter if you are rich or poor. I scolded you so that you can improve. I know you have the potential to do better. I wanted you to show other students that you are equally capable.” Ted cried and hugged his teacher. Teacher asked him to resume school after few days leave.

Ted went to school after a week. He was looking entirely different now. He was still wearing his dirty clothes but he was happy now. He stopped looking at other students instead he concentrated in his studies. He passed the class exam with highest marks. It was not his situation that stopped him from moving forward. Only thing this boy needed was a good Teacher.

You can watch the video version here https://youtu.be/UYfRNNZUC2s

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