Marriage life

Acsah Roshan

It’s been 2 years to my marriage now. Along the way I understood that we are more successful as a team. We overcome the challenges together. Our unfailing love for one another has kept us together and God has blessed us abundantly with a child.

One thing that comes to mind is the long-time commitment. Can’t say married life will be all filled with happiness. Both husband and wife selflessness grow the family love. Both appreciate each other, help and care for each other. Both husband and wife have to contribute equally for the family to be happy. There will be joys and sorrows, you stick together during those times.

Here are few of my thoughts on marriage:


I have heard many times, if there is some disagreement in the marriage always the wife is asked to adjust. Why is it so? I believe Husband is equally responsible. There is some disagreement then one has to compromise but does not mean it should be always the same person.

Listening and Respect

You listen to each other’s opinions and respect each other. Husband might not like wife’s opinion always and same applies for wife. But you still listen to each other to be together because you love each other.


You begin as a couple and family extends once you have children. Now you have additional person to take care of. Both has to take care of the child. Many woman are asked to leave their jobs after marriage to take care of their children. They leave their jobs and dreams. This won’t be the case if the husband supports wife in taking care of the family. They can always come up with solutions to make sure everyone is happy.


Responsibility increases and you come together to contribute. You sacrifice your wants and focus on only what is really needed for the family. It should never be only one person taking up the responsibility but about oneness.

In laws

Most marriages get issues when their in-laws come into picture. You both will be happy and adjusting with each other. But once your in-laws are forcing their decisions it creates problems for your marriage if one of you does not agree to it. If you are both okay with their decision then there is no problem to go with it. I believe once you are married, it’s up to the husband and wife to make decisions for their family.

Every marriage is different but goal is the same. Everyone wants to live as a happy family and this can be only possible if both husband-and-wife respect and love each other’s differences. I believe marriage is a God’s union, never let anybody separate you.

I have created a short husband-wife meme video( just for fun ) – you can watch it here

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