A hand of help

This story is about a girl named April. Her father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. They lived in a nice house which had a beautiful garden. Every evening she used to play with her friends.

One day while playing she saw a beggar. He looked like he did not eat for days. April asked her friends if they had any money but they refused to help.

April went home and counted her pocket money. She had a small amount of money. She told her father about the beggar but he was busy with work and forgot about it.

Next day she gave her pocket money to the beggar. He thanked her for the kindness. She decided to keep some food aside each day and pack it for the beggar. Everyday she gave the little food to the him. One day the beggar was not seen in the playground. April looked for him for few days but he was not there. Days passed by and she stopped looking.

Years passed by and her father got ill. She had to search for a job to support her family. She was a college student and nobody was willing to hire her without experience. She started looking for jobs in shops. As she was searching, she came across a coffee shop. She can feel the warmth as she entered the shop.

She asked the owner if there was any work she could do even for a little pay. The shop owner offered her a coffee, smiled at her and said ‘yes you can work her. I recognized you are the girl who gave me food and money when I did not have anything’.

The owner paid her well and she was able to get the best treatment for her father. Her father was able to manage his business again.

Helping someone is a blessing.

You can watch the video version here- https://youtu.be/Keqs8pzBTkw

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