Lost your smile

Do you think that you have lost your smile?

Someone recently told me that they don’t smile anymore like they did before. What makes you lose your smile?

There can be multiple reasons.

  1. You are bored with your life. It can be because you are bored with your job or your family or having the same routine daily and you are lazy to take up new responsibilities.

2. You feel exhausted whole day and forget to appreciate those around you.

3. You have changed yourself. You used to love what you have and somehow you have stopped loving it now.

4. You don’t value yourself. You don’t spend time to take care of yourself. You don’t know what to do with your life.

Don’t worry! you can still get back your smile. Happiness is within you and you just need a reason to express it out.

  1. Start loving what you have. Stop thinking that if you had something better, it would have been good. Learn to be content with what you have. If you have a shelter, food, clothes and a family then you have everything. You can always love what you have and try to improve.

2. Find a hobby. You will be busy with your job but still you can spend time on something that you like. It refreshes your mind.

3. Learn to give. Giving makes you happy. Give to others without expecting anything. You can do this within your family or outside.

4. Look after yourself. Take sometime to appreciate yourself for what you did. Exercise daily to keep your body fit.

5. Keep yourself busy. Don’t give time to yourself to overthink. Keep yourself busy by helping or caring for your family. Keep busy in your hobby or self care.

The reason behind your smile can be very simple. Every small thing in your life matters. You can take an example of a baby who smiles for anything and everything. That innocent smile.. where does it come from? Its simple! they are happy to see you and feel you. That innocent pure smile makes us so happy.

Smile cause you are alive. Just love yourself and you will start loving whatever you have. Once you start loving, you will find happiness and when you are happy, you will start smiling again!

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