She is ‘wonderful’

She is a daughter, woman, wife and a mother.

She is a daughter. She gets married and leaves behind her home. Away from her parents she goes to a strangers house.

She is a wife. She is working and also a homemaker to support her family. Within few years or months.. she is pregnant. Her life changes completely. She accepts the pain and stress that comes with it. She goes through sleepless nights and emotional days. Baby arrives, she is so happy and filled with love.

She is a mother. Taking care of her baby, she undergoes sleepless nights and days. Even when she is sick and has a painful body, she ignores her needs and looks after her baby and family. She struggles between her work and family. She sacrifices her needs for her family.

She is a woman. All through her life she goes through changes- menstruation, pregnancy and lactation. The hormones that comes along with this changes her behaviour. This affects her emotional state but yet she keeps trying to be stronger and independent.

All she needs is love and support.

Respect her, help her, appreciate her, surprise her, care for her , make her feel special, listen to her needs and be there for her.. cause she is a blessing!

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